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Mushroom “Tosage” Herb Cream Pasta
きのこ ハーブクリームパスタ

Plant-based comfort food at its best!

I often use firm tofu and crumble it to make “sausage” with it.

Extra Firm Tofu sold at Trader Joe’s is extremely firm and provides a great texture.

I would particularly recommend this to first-time tofu eaters, as the texture is similar to that of chicken.

The cream sauce was accented with fresh thyme and sage.

Love the combination of these herbs.

They never fail to help create tasty sauce.

I like any kinds of pasta, but if I have a choice, I almost always choose long pasta.

On the other hand, my husband prefers short past.

So I usually cook both, which is really not a big deal, because I cook them in the same pot together.

We’ve become quite skilled at picking up our own pasta.

The pasta was served with this simple salad and sauteed zucchini (no photo).

Have a great week everyone!

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