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Home Alone Spaghetti

When I go grocery shopping, I’m pretty good at sticking with my list.

But there are a few items that I impulsively purchase.

Well, okra is one of them.

It’s hard to find fresh okra at grocery stores, and when I found these beautiful ones at the farmers market this morning, I had to have them.

When sliced, they are like flowers.

My husband has come a long way, and he now eats a wide variety of vegetables, so many more than he used to.

However, okra is something he still won’t touch.

I think one of the reasons why okra is not that popular in the U.S. is its stickiness.

Interestingly, people in Japan adore okra for that.

I decided to make this spaghetti dish for lunch today, because my husband wouldn’t be home.

So why not adding all the things he does not like but I love.

So along with okra, natto (Japanese fermented soy beans), kimchi, and avocado all joined in the bowl.

With a little drizzle of soy sauce and olive oil, it became a perfect lunch for one.

I hope everyone is enjoying this long weekend.

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