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Ogura Toast Flight

Ogura toast is a popular breakfast dish particularly in the area where I grew up.

Many cafes called “kissa-ten” which is an old-styled coffee shop serve breakfast (for free!) if you order a cup of coffee during the “morning” hour, and if you’re lucky, you may get ogura toast.

This time I decided to use French baguette to make mini ogura toasts.

The major ingredients are some type of bread (toasted), butter, and sweet red beans (adzuki).

I used to use store-bought sweet red beans, but now I cook my own, because homemade one tastes so much better (and cheaper).

Other than that, you can add anything you like.

This time, my selections were…

– Kinako (roasted soy bean powder)
– Matcha
– Cinnamon
– Black Sesame
– Cayenne

Surprisingly, the wild card (cayenne) was a winner!

Kinako was also my favorite.

Well, let’s just say they were all very good!

I intentionally made each small, so that I can enjoy all of them.

I would say, they were two-bite size.

Which one would you like to try?

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