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Just For You JF BBQ Sandwich

BBQ Sandwich.

This is one of the sandwiches that make my husband happy.

The main ingredient is jackfruit.

The keys to make canned jackfruit taste better are 1) take off the salty taste from the can as much as possible and 2) dry well and then cook until browned to give flavor.

I like my BBQ sandwich with fresh coleslaw, and I’m always on a hunt for fun things to add to make it interesting.

I also like to add some type of fat to my sandwich.

Avocado is such a difficult thing.

The timing is so tricky.

It’s like “I’m not ready, not ready, not ready, not yet… then READY! Eat me NOW!”

I feel like avocados are running the show at times, because I often find myself planning my meals around the ripeness of avocados.

First avocado slices, and then a heap of BBQ jackfruit.

Then coleslaw.

The main ingredients of this coleslaw are napa cabbage, apple, and ginger.

Very refreshing!

It’s almost too pretty to cover up.

Looks pretty good, huh?

I thought about serving it with fried potatoes, but why not veggies??

Asparagus is so beautiful, tasty (sweet!), and cheap right now, so lightly sauteed asparagus accompanied the sandwich.

I don’t think anybody will object.

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